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psychotherapeutic TREATMENT OF DISORDERS

I provide evidence based therapeutic treatment such as CBT, DBT, ERP for various conditions including a variety of Anxiety Disorders (Social, Health, GAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depressive Disorders. More on Disorders and Treatment Options >>


All emotions are OK. All emotions have a right to be respected and honoured, it is the expression of an emotion that may be unhealthy. As part of the general counselling practice I provide skills and proven tools from DBT to help you learn to understand, navigate and find a healthy way to express any emotion and communicate cleanly and clearly with others.


Using a old and trusted applied metapsychology technique for bridging conscious and subconscious mind to gain clarity of life’s issues, unblock stuck relationships and release the struggles associated with charged items in your life. It is a personalized and individually tailored program of 8 - 12 sessions that can help you overcome mental and emotional difficulties.


The ancient art of energy direction and transfer to allow the healing to happen wherever it need to happen. More on Reiki >


Using energetic techniques to assess the activity of each chakra we then use direct energy transfer technique to heal the misbalances in the aura, create opportunity for the higher-frequency energetic body to create healing in the lower-frequency bodies such as emotional, mental and physical. 


An 8-12 session program that helps navigate anger issues. Anger is a process of expressing our pain and shame and we have a choice of how we express our innermost vulnerability to the outer world. Learn techniques and skills of mindful and honest self-expression.


Through a state of deep relaxation, increased suggestibility and hyper-focus a therapist uses the mind-body link to help the client to create the changes in beliefs, perceptions and behaviours, uncover and treat root causes of mental health issues, unlock what is hidden in the depth of our minds through memories and automatic motivations. 


$125/hour, payment plans available — Description text. Donec et convallis metus, et luctus odio. Fusce porta quam purus, vel consectetur est luctus vel. Sed ac urna lacus. Donec fermentum ipsum venenatis ipsum, eu efficitur mi placerat quis.


Using a variety of energetic techniques, hypnosis, guided meditations together with the client we collaboratively navigate the spiritual realm, connecting and developing the relationships with the higher self, the source and our ever present guides.